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" What Matt and Brad have created in the form of CBSurge is nothing
short of genius! They have combined the raw statistical power that many
people spend hours compiling in various spread sheets or online
tools...and merged it with the simplicity of a plugin that stays tucked
away and hidden -- only presenting itself when convenient for the user.
Between the time saved researching, and the profitable data that
CBSurge reveals, this plugin would easily be worth a $97 investment
into any Internet Marketer's marketing arsenal...and new features are
still planned for this thing?! Simply amazing! "
Dexx Williams

" Thanks for this Awesome CB Surge application it has saved me loads of
time and I love that it gives me a little more confidence and shows me
the marketable Clickbank products to promote it"s easy to use and the
keyword function makes it quick easy to check witch keywords to
optimize my website for and the fact that I can brand it and give it
away I am sure it is definitely going to increase my clickbank earnings
anyone that promotes clickbank products must have this.I have been
using this everyday since I installed it and do not know what I would
do without it! Thanks guys! "
Luis Gonzales

" I can honestly say that it's something that all affiliate marketers
who use Clickbank as their primary source of products to promote,
should have in their arsenal in order to pick the best products to
promote from within the Clickbank Marketplace. With CB Surge, what
would have taken hours to complete, now only takes a matter of minutes
and when it comes to making money, we all know TIME = MONEY
I'm positive that had a software application like this been around when
I first started my career in affiliate marketer, I'd be a lot further
along then where I'm at now! "
Ray Erdmann

" CBSurge is really something that is very unique in the market. The
best part is it exposes Hidden Clickbank products that are being sold,
but have low competition. This is a MUST HAVE software if you want to
earn a good amount of money from as an affiliate promoting Clickbank
I can't recommend it enough! "
Jawad Rafique

" I've been an active clickbank affiliate since 2009. I've seen lots of
methods to picking a winning offer but more often then not, these so
called "shortcuts" never worked and I ended up wasting money on
advertising for little or no return.
CBcurge is a game changer!
I can literally just visit the clickbank market place and it does all
the "thinking" for me. In seconds I end up with a list of
proven-to-convert money makers.
All I have to do now is set up a wordpress blog with a product name
keyword and enjoy my day! "
Igor Kheifets
" CB Surge is the neatest thing since sliced bread! To actually be able
to determine in Clickbank what's "hot" and what's "not" is wonderful
and makes choosing products to promote a whole lot easier! Thanks guys!
Jana Mapps

" I have spent many hours in the past using different methods to assess
the suitability of promoting a Clickbank product. Some of these methods
such as writing articles with links for ezine articles literally take
hours to do .....AND often give false results. Well in comparison
CBSurge does all the hard work for you at virtually the speed of light.
It's like cutting out hours if not days of research. Two things I
really like are:
1. A quick way to cut out all the products that I have little chance
ranking and converting for.
2. It actually shows up some products I would have passed by.... EVEN
products in really competitive niches that are not out of reach with a
bit of forward planning.
Great software guys! "
Roger Paine

" Hey it's Shaun Lee, author and creator of The Niche Butcher. As
someone who operates a lot based on ClickBank products, I've got one
thing to say about CBSurge:
Anyone who promotes ClickBank products should get this, immediately!
You won't regret it. "
Shaun Lee

" As an SEO affiliate marketer, I found CB surge to be a real time
saver! There are a number of steps you need to take when trying to
figure out whether to go after a keyword to see if you can get to page
1, and CB surge lets you do that in minutes. I was a little surprised
to see the price so low, because this is a real steal and definitely an
essential to have in your arsenal.
I recommend this tool 100%! "
Ruchi Vasishta

" CBSurge did NOT disappoint! I was a little skeptical at first and
figured it would be just another add-on that I might only use a few
Boy was I surprised! I have been using it everyday since I got it to
dig out the little CB gems that I will be promoting STAT! I really like
that it sits quietly on the page and with a few clicks gives you all
the info you need to make the decision to promote or to move on.
One quick favor though - Please do not release this to the public.
Please , Please, Please!!! "
Jeff Olah

" I have been an Affiliate Marketer via ClickBank since 2004 and trust
me when I say that CB Surge belongs in EVERY Affiliate Marketers
The raw data that CB Surge provides, as well as it's ease of use is
unparalleled, you simply cannot ask for more! "
Daniel Lackner
Super Affiliate

" It's a winner! (as with all of your products)
The time savings alone (having 80% of the stats I need available right
in Clickbank rather than having to visit multiple sites) will enable
this plugin to pay for itself .....so even without the viral aspect
it's worth it's weight in gold...forget bout it! Great tool here!
Awesome! Thank You "
Sean McAlister

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Transforms the Clickbank Marketplace highlighting those products that
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Automatically brainstorms related keywords you could optimize for, in
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Easy plugin install and runs right inside your Firefox web browser.
(Note: only compatible with FireFox 3 or higher.)

Compatible with both MACs and PCs.
And much more!


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